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他们非常喜欢他们的工作 用英语翻译

自己翻译:They like/love their work very much百度翻译:They love their work very有道翻译:They loves his job very much 金山词霸:They love their work very额、答案太多、我不知道你要哪一个.不过我觉得我的应该也是对的.

Henry works in a factory.He comes from a poor family and was in school for only four 他来自一个贫穷的家庭并且只上过四年学.他不得不努力工作,但收入甚少.他非常喜欢

翻译:They worked very hard so I liked them very much

They are not looking for work they like to use

my parents work on a farm

He likes working in China.祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*)

When you go on a journey当你出门旅行的时候,why not keep a travel journal为什么 你也许教会自己一个全新的工作as many people enjoy reading about journeys and

in fact ,they will be more clever than a dog sometimes.

My favorite job is the Police. The following are the reasons why I love this job. First of all, I think this job will make life very fulfilling. Second, this career can maintain social order. The police can also help many people. In addition, the police have better

I really like this job.


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