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Beijing. Beijing is the captial of my motherland--China. It is a very big city and has a long history.There are a lot of tourists attractions here like the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, the forbidden city and so on. Beisdes,it's also an international city

中国城市英文名 上海:解放前为:Shanghai 北京:解放前为:peking 厦门:Amoy 闽南语 香港:Hong Kong 香港的英文名是被使用很广的,发音源于粤语.广州:canton 南京:Nanking 青岛:Tsingtao 这个是外国人发不出那个音而造成的,

大多地区都是全拼的比如中国四川省 CHINA'S SICHUAN PROVINCE我知道有英语的地区内蒙古Inner Mongolia西藏Tibet缩写.

Guangzhou,a city in spring forever,is one of the most important and famous city in china and south Asia.Now I will introduce Guangzhou to you. As a modern city,you can find some modern building here,such as Guangzhou tower.Guangzhou tower is


country 国家,city 城市,采纳吧


①中国魅力城市英文简介 Beijing If your visions of Beijing are centred around pods of Maoist revolutionaries in buttoned-down tunics performing t'ai chi in the Square, put them to rest: this city has embarked on a new-millennium roller-coaster and it'


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