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We have wasted too much of their youth. That was the case for some self-righteous, and so the mood youth, There is laughter, there are tears; there is vitality, there are decadent; there are sweet, but also absurd; self-confident, but also fans busy. We

Security System social services builds 我看了那些答案,其实大多都是网上翻译的,但我有所修改,我不知你是要人个短语还是句子,如果句子,我认为我的是对的,如果只是一个短语只要把最后一个词去掉就可以了

你在哪啊?我最最亲爱的老婆,为什么让我苦等了那么多年?我发誓,只要你不嫌弃我,我将用毕生精力去守护你直到永远.Where are you, my dear wife? Why did you let me wait for you for so many years?I swear to God, If you don't mind me, I will take care of you from now on until forever!很希望我的回答会对你有帮助.如有不明白,可以再追问,若满意请采纳,谢谢你,并祝你进步!

1.it becomes very popular that Chinese get married with foreigners in Shanghai.2.the invention of computer affect greatly on the development of science.3.although he is 18,he seldom realize the importance of communicating with others.

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1 do sth by use sth to do sth 2 match A with B 3 take long-distance train 4 beyond over5 take time in doing sth 6 refer to 7 build bring up make construction 8 improve listening skill 9 sruggle for life/living 10 take on/aboard 11take from sth 12 formed

Develops and the widespread application unceasingly along with the information technology, the information industries has become the relations state economy life and the safe foundational strategic industry, the information industries development

quiet / quite? 1. 这是个完全没有性别差异的社会2. 我掂量着他的话,边摸出张20块的钞票.bss / boss? 3. 女性想成为世界上最好的母亲,妻子,兼老板的'女超人'时代已经消亡了.4. 澳大利亚人不想多要孩子,这有什么奇怪的?5. 这个网站

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