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谁能帮我翻译一下这段英文 语句要通顺 不要网上那种有病句的 谢谢!!


你好你这不只是病句逻辑都非常不清楚我猜想你的意思大概是此时此刻,我仍然不想去沉浸在那些秘密里面,跟我那些秘密比较起来,你太甜了.翻译为At this very moment, I still don't want to revel in those secrets,compare with them, your are too sweet.希望能帮到你

so what is a trans fat really? 那么到底什么是反式脂肪呢? a trans fat is a liquid fat that is turned into a solid. although there is a very small amount of natural trans fats in meat and dairy products,most of them are created by adding hydrogen to liquid

New employee orientation is not simple of new hires a ceremony, but a psychological lift new staff, let new employees into the enterprise culture, to adapt to the enterprise environment and job opportunities, but also organize new employee ability



Linda stunned the world, saying that when she was study aboard in England, she met a stranger on the way in her excursion once, and she gave him her first kiss just five minutes after they knowing each other. I couldn't help to think how nice to be

Using our system could greatly reduce the maintince fees after sold, increasing the customer's maintaince security, providing strong support for the after sales sevice of an enterprice.或者With our system you could greatly reduce the maintaince fees


因为DAS 和微处理器的信息处理缓慢能力(和控制器需要的快速反应来激活晶闸管相比,它一般都是在50到100皮秒)一个Z80微处理器被用来处理和从ZCD零交叉脉冲作参照的延迟信号.这个零探测信号把Z80复位,它立即通过 模拟数字转换器而从DAS得到延迟信号.Z80然后等待这个延迟并且发出一个脉冲来激活放大器,再激活全波调制晶闸管



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