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如捡到 归还 英文

pick up things

I found a lost cell phone 还有pick up没有捡到的意思.

pick get 都OK的

htt如何学好英语,我总结出了以下几点。以供参考。 首先,要学好英语,最关键的是要有兴趣。俗话说:兴趣是最好的老师。教我们英语的是一位 年轻的老师,他讲课很风趣,还总是让我们自己上台讲课,演小品。生动的英语教学,让我对英语产生了浓厚...

很简单。我们学语文的老师教我们古文时说这就是半门外语,也就是说,学习外语词汇很重要,下面,我给你具体讲e讲我的一些心得。. 1:在网络上,很多文章教大家怎么一个月过六级,半个月过四级,个人认为:可能!但那绝对是针对英语基础比较好的...

If you pick up my book . 祝学习进步,天天快乐!

Recent years,Wether return money you picked or not has become a seirous question.

A: Excuse me, madam, is this wallet yours? B :No, it's not mine. A: Oh, I see. Thank you. Hello, sir, is this your wallet? C: No. it isn't. A: OK. Excuse me, sir, would you please help me find the owner of this wallet. D: Yes, ...

如果你捡到钱包请给我打电话 ------- Please telephone me if you ( happen to ) find the wallet / purse .

So, she bought the frog and sat him next to her in her old pickup as she ...... So the Chief went back to speed up his people to collect even more wood to ... 绝对原文 Winter is coming The Indians asked their Chief in autumn if...


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