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I'm sincerely sorry for... I am terribly sorry for... I am sorry, really. I am really sorry that... I apologize for ...

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用英语道歉更显真诚的几个句子: 1.Please forgive my rudeness. 请您原谅我的失礼。 2.I don't know how to apologize to you. 我不知该怎样向您道歉。 3.I didn't mean that. 我并没有那个意思。 4.I'm sorry to trouble you. 真对不起,给您添...

I apologized to you again sincerely againto ask your forgiveness.


Here I sincerely make an apology to you.I hope you can forgive me.

I suggest you sincerely apologize to her now and buy an identical pen for her.

Sincerely Good faith Sincere In good faith Faith也不错

刘老师: 对不起!我知道您一定很生气,学生知道自己做错了! 能够成为刘老师的学生是我的荣幸,的确,在刘老师的课上我们没有那么大的压力,刘老师讲的方法我们也获益匪浅。但是,当刘老师生起气来的时候,我非常的害怕,我只是享受一时的快乐...

Yours sincerely 不过如果你是用在商业信函的结尾,那么认识的人用: Yours sincerely, 不认识的人用:Yours faithfully


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