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1.Young people should have to exercise restraint End Video Game 2.To exercise the minds of well

The earth is our home, we live in earth.Have the obligation to protect the environment.Now, because the human abuses of cut denudation and emissions of pollutants.There are a lot of problems about our living environment.The most serious problem

Whenever we can we would sit together ,Go with the hand,touch your face,eat together ,have a frolic,even have your phone number.Perhaps all these feelings i for you will be frozen day by day because it .I have been numb,if only ,i wiil not have any

We do not arrogant not proud, calm, spirits, played in no hurry, have ZhangYouChi, leisurely. Every goal sweat and toil from outside the training, Every Shouting and cheer NingZhu with each cheerleaders all expectation and pull their heartstrings.Our

please trust me .i realy mistook you,but i just wanna say we are friends foreverplease tell me,i really miss youplease trust me ,i```

I will break you up.break uo 有打破 破坏的意思,而destroy多指把一件东西毁灭.

Gary Conway and Marian Conway's China's Trip- Press ConferenceHe is a legendary figure of interesting tales and substance. She was the winner of Miss USA in 1975. From a film star to a famous playwright; from a violinist to an impressionist

She has your comp, you do need money for you, but do you think you know how you get a chance?她有你的广告样稿,而你确实需要钱,但是你认为你知道你是怎样得到一个机会的吗?

您好,很高兴为您1. 严格来说,有没有say sth to sb或者say sb about sth 有 say to Peter used to argue with his parents 这么翻译对不对对的 used to do 过去常常做某事3

A tuck lasting is beside cliffs back old family houseThe impregnatin spring is large water tanks in my lifeIn spring,it bubling dripping with the aroma of flowersIn summer,it flow indulgent Gush out o


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