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We need the goods urgently, can you expedite the production?Also, my company will arrange for the remittance very soon, can you please provide your company's bank account information as soon as possible?

We would appreciate if you re-confirm to us if the address below is the delivery address of Purchase Orders A & B.

We have received sample pictures, after we saw them, we put forward the following suggestions:1.We may fully make this kind of brushes for you and its quality must be better than that of those in the picture.2.Through the picture, we found that the

sorry,we cannot accept the price.can you offer a lower price or intraduce some similar but cheaper products to us?btw plz in dollar terms

We are both not willing to see this situation. It's an accident, and I hope we both sides could understand each other. It's not proper that you refuse to pay the purchase price. This order has a small quantity and various brands: 100 PCS, 60 PCS, 30

Very very sorry, after the assessment, the relevant again you need the original reports, because our technical secret protection, temporarily is can't open to customers. But what you want to see the original report contents, will we provide to you

There are few non-stop ships from Shanghai to Sydney and it will take 25 - 28 days. If we get the order form today, we can try our best to book the earliest shipping date: ETD: 12-31, ETA: 1-25 or so. however, if we couldn't get order form today, we

一、Dear Mr. XXX,Pls refer to our previous email and the 31st clause of our contract, goods should be shipped before 25th May.But, pls pay attention to below truth:We did not receive any infos about shipment of 200 ton rice until now.The delivery

As the soul of a company, company culture is the guarantee of the company's sustainable growing. In the context of knowledge-economy, the company culture is the foundation and source of cultural management. Especially since the 21st century,

It is very glad to be able to receive your reply. About the sample test result of second batch, can not reach the standard that you need , us feel for this very regret. Indicate in your letter, we have analysed the reason that arises this kind of condition , first



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