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还是不要用not only,but also了吧,而且你的but(also)是用在but more important吗,这样不好哦,一般是用来连接两个并列成分的.不过时态是没错的,我懂你的这个意思,但也不一定需要not noly,but also,可以那么说“Though I have passed cet4 and cet6,communicating with others is more important to me”

翻译P16中译英1, Mrs. Smith complained to me that she often found with his sixteen year old daughter just can not communicate2, I believe, reading shorthand (simplified) English fiction is to expand our vocabulary in a relaxed and enjoyable way3,

I'll soon be a part of the team.

At the airport waiting room, a young lady does not sit in a chair, but in his luggage back and forth, and now look at the watch, as if waiting for someone Side. Looked at the passenger check-in line, her face showing a look of disappointment. The


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1.What I learn in the university is the civil engineering, construction project management, but also the contact of economic study and work2.Well-known companies, detailed understanding is through the website and friends.3.From the field. I learned

required to identify the color 仅仅对前面的 " resources"的修饰.过去分词短语,作定语时后置,修饰前面的名词.


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