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Do you understand? My dream is to have a friendship and no longer be lonely

可以的,也可以在后面加to me,因为是回到我身边嘛,不加也可以的

Just like "New York Times Book review" to its appraisal: “this is one about the friendship book, is one about loves and protects, risk and miracle, life and death, trust and betrayal, joyful and painful book. It is nearly one perfect, inconceivable masterpiece.”

国际标准翻译: I'm just in your life with a post, only hope when you are tired, can be stopped temporarily leave once, jehiel good move on, on your way!!!


i am your god.i am your jesus. (我是你的耶稣)

Your birthday. We will give you a surprise

When walking in the tree-lined campus, we can feel relaxed and happy. When we are sitting and reading in the clean classroom , how can I not concentrate?

The beautiful sense ,attractive story and the outstanding actors are the characteristic ot the movie.

You heard the last to graduate, will have to embark on new jobs, I would like to sincerely congratulate you. Wishes to you on the road in the future take all plain sailing, in addition to our work and study, we would like to maintain regular contact since,


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