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The rainbow is anything but the light.Just only the heart is still clear,it can reflect the wish all the time!

I am at school, deputy secretary of the Mission branch and the representative of English classes, usually for classes and schools has to do some things within our power today to honour went to the school interview, I am very glad that I hope I can

i can never thank you enough for all your kindness, i just want to say, i really appreciate your effort, happy mother day.

In fact, I always liked you, who has never been replaced you!

At the afternoon on Feb 4th .the student of our class host an activity by bike near our school .we swept .cleaned the paper .plasticbags and so on 希望能帮到你

Mature, dynamic and honest. Excellent ability of systematical management. Ability to work independently, mature and resourceful. Need a person with ability plus flexibility should. A stable personality and high sense of responsibility. A multi-cultural

I will awakenBegin ohBeganBack from God PA of two days is too longNo matter what you doYes, no matter what timeAnd the infinite sorrow sorrow bowel, V.The pursuit of the worldDeny the worldI will be the embodiment of Dragon KingForever is

1. Only you, my life will be full of sunshine! 2. I will love you for life! 3. Happy and well-being is willing to accompany us!

Lives only in their own voice crying in the birth, in the end someone else's tears.

您好,可分别翻译为:1.my father`s a teacher.2.her name`s lucy.3,we like him.4.this is a pen.5.those are not boys.6.they are girls.7.we help his younger sister(妹妹).8.our sister like english.9.this is his pen.10.this pen is mine. 满意速速采纳,谢谢合作!


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