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前台接待(front desk) receptionists 大堂经理manager on duty

front desk reception

receptionist [ri'sepnist]n. (饭店、公司、诊所等处的)接待员I'm applying for the receptionist position.我申请的是前台接待员的职位.

1、Good morning/afternoon!早上好/下午好2、Hi! Can I help you?/How can I help you?/Are you being helped?您好!你有什么事吗?3、Did you make an appointment with him/her?你跟他/她预约了吗?4、What's your name?你叫什么名字?

hello,can I help you?with my pleasure!

前台的英文:reception.reception 英 [r'sep()n] 美 [r'spn] n. 接待;接收;招待会;感受;反应 短语 reception area 接待处;接待室 reception room 会客室,接待室 wedding reception 结婚宴会,婚宴 reception centre n. 接待处 例

can i help you,sir? what can i do for you? 这都是:我有什么可以帮助您的吗? I would like to ask you a favor.我可以提出一个要求吗? 82 Would you let me know your fax number?可以告诉我您的传真机号码吗? 83 Would it be too much to ask

前台接待 [词典] receptionist; [例句]对不起,前台接待说,我们要关门了.Sorry, said the receptionist, we're closing.

I am transfering your call(我现在帮您转接电话)wait a moment, pleaseWould you like a cup of teawelcome这几句比较常用,面试时都说得用的挺多,实际好多都有专人负责,想跟外国人多说几句都没机会.那些外宾也不会跟你说让你听不懂的东西,如果有就打电话给负责接待外宾的部门,是谁的客人就给谁打电话.放心啦,你一定可以的,祝你顺利!

say for example .. you are working with ABC Company and your name is Taylor 1ST - within 3 rings must pick up the phone .. use your sweet voice to say Taylor : "ABC , good afternoon. Taylor speaking" . Simple will do .. but if u want to more


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