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楼上几位都没有看清你给的句型。 这是我第一次牵手 This is the first t

英语是: This is the first time that I hold a girl'

I have a dream that one day on the Great Wall the

【英文】Hand in hand,let's go不错哦,还很押韵===满意的话别忘了采纳哦

他们相处几天之后牵手了 英语 They held hands after a few days to

手牵手,心连心,肩并肩的英文:Hand in hand, heart in heart, shoul

为您解答 Babe, don't let go of my hand.Let's k

hold hold each other's hands 或者直接hand in hand

牵手南瓜汁 [词典] Together Pumpkin Juice; [例

英文原文: I don't envy the lovers who kiss on the


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