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你好,很高兴为你解答 解答 :七年级下册英语第七单元grammar focus Grade seven English seventh unit grammar focus 欢迎追问,希望能帮到你,手输不易,求采纳!!你的采纳是我答题的动力!

unit 1:where is your pen pal from? He's from Australia. where is John's pen pal from? He's from Japan. where does he live? He lives in Paris.unit 2: Is there a supermarket? Yes,there is./No,there isn't. Where's the park? It's on Center Street. Where's

人教版七年级下册英语第二单元grammar focus内容与翻译如下 grammar focus 语法聚焦 what time do you usually get up? 你通常什么时候起床?i usually get up at six thirty. 我通常在6点半起床.what time do they get dressed? 他们什么时候穿衣

Section A 图片 这儿附近有银行吗?是的,有.它在中心大街.2a 1、投币式公用电话在图书馆对面.2、投币式公用电话紧挨着图书馆.3、投币式公用电话在邮局和图书馆之间.4、投币式公用电话在格林街上.5、投币式公用电话在图书馆的

1单元:Can you swim? Yes,I can./No,I can't.Can he piay chess? Yes,he can./NO,he can't. Can you and Tom piay chess? Yes,we can./No,we can't.Can Jane and

重点词组 (Key Phrases) 1.near here 2.on Center Street 3. across from 4.next to 5.in front of 6. between … and … 7.behind the library 8. in the neighborhood 9. post office 10. pay phone 11. go straight 12. turn left 13.take a walk through the park


七年级下册 Unit2 翻译课文2d:Interviewer :Scott 有一份有趣的工作.他在一家广播电台工作.Scott,你的广播节目在几点?Scott:从晚上十二点到早上六点.Interviewer :你通常几点起床?Scott:晚上八点半.然后我九点吃早饭.Interviewer

how's the weather? It's cloudy./It's sunny./It's raining.what are you doing? I'm cooking.what are they doing? They are playing basketball in the park.what is he doing? He's studying at his friend's home.how's it going? great! /Not bad./Terrible.


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