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Unit 11.Where is your pen pal from?(你的笔友来自哪里?)2.He's from Australia.(他来自澳大利亚.)3.Where do you live?(你住在哪?)4.I live in Janpa.(我住在日本.)5.What do you do in the evening?(晚上你做什么?)6.Do you

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My parents every day with 432-3997 the number to call me.I have a key to my apartment.希望能帮到你,请采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢!

1、那个留着金色短直发的女孩从不停止说话.The girl ( in )(blonde )(short ) (straight )hair never storps talking2、 你的地址是什么?(What's )your( adress )3、给出你菜单的理由.Give the ( reason) (for )your menu.4、他们在准备英语测试.

1.Look at my family photos.2.how many friends does he have?3.lin qin lives with his families.4.is a light on the desk?--yes,it is.5.there are some CDs on the book shelf.6.where is my math book?7.there is a cap in the bedroom,too.我自己翻译的,准确率95%.

What's your name?你叫什么名字 My name is Tina.我的名字叫迪娜 Nice to meet you.很高兴见到你 Nice to meet you ,too.也很高兴见到你 What's your phone nunmber?你的电话号码? Is this your pencil?这是你的铅笔么? what's this in English?

天空 the sky

1 more and more 2 need not have to 3 leave for 4 in the back of 5 hard 6 f(ree) 就是free

1. Do you stay at home every Sunday?强调动作 Are you at home every Sunday?强调状态 2 Please call Mary at 249-9798

1.A British boy2. Many English teachers3. Some orange juice4. A pet dog5.3 pet dogs6. Many families7. Some of the pictures8.5 drivers9.2 glasses of apple juice10.2 female teachers11. Please eat apples freely12. I want some chicken13. He


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