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你他妈的别给老子发英语,当老子英语怪好蛮的You his mother don't give me an English, when I was very strange

Fuck you say English Lao Tzu.你他妈的谁再说英语老子翻脸

What the fuck you, me wrong, why the fuck did this to me

老子: 1. father2. Lao Tzu3. Lao-tzu4. your uncle5. Laotze 老子党 the patriarchal party [美口](=youruncle)[自称]咱,老子 Uncle Benny 他的老子把车子借给他去参加学生舞会.His old man's letting him have the car for the prom.老子中国古代哲学

合不来就他妈滚、老子不需要not just fuck, don't need lao tzu

How dare you![滑稽]Just shake it of~一看你就是被逼疯崩溃的边缘,孩子不哭

你他妈=You damn.

祸兮福之所倚,福兮祸之所伏 回答者: billylang - 探花 十一级 8-24 19:31

You don't send me English?望楼主采纳!

fuck you! Get away !绝对地道,望采纳!


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