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,你是坚强的人You are a strong man,你是坚强的人You are a strong man

你是个坚强的人,是个刚硬的人You are a strong person, is a stubborn person

英文原bai文:duI am a tenacious person英式音标zhi:dao[a] [em] [; e] [tnes] [ps()n] 美式音标:[a] [m] [e] [tnes] [psn]

Nobody knows who I really am I never felt this empty before And if I ever need 但如果我需要有人来陪伴 我知道你会追随我并使我坚强 I want you to know who I really am I

坚强 : strong ; tough

Only you a person, please remember, you are strong!

You are a persistent(persisitence) girl. I love you.求采纳,谢谢

one should not be hurt because of her strong personality

strong of longly

One is expected to be strong.


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