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As the development of the world, our country’s economy has become more and more better, people’s life standard has become much better, so people have money to amuse. Private car, once seemed to be untouchable for the ordinary p...

答案看多了,抄袭可能会养成习惯 会对以后的学习产生不良的影响,在网上是问不到答案的哈 现在就养成勤于思考的习惯 好好学习,即使自己答案错了至少能加深印象

One day, when I was washing my hands, my mother came to me and told me that I should not wash my hands with so much water. Until then did I realize that I had the habit of wasting water.In some cities, people even can’t not tak...

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我也是六年级学生,我认为自己作更好。 打字不易,如满意,望采纳。

平时还是好好努力学习,多去练习练习,这样的都不难的了 希望能帮到你谢谢

一、选择题(每空1分,共20分) 1、已知小圆的半径是2cm,大圆的直径是6cm,小圆和小圆的周长之比为(       ),面积的比是(        )。 2、12的因数有(   ...



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