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良好的企业形象 英文

树立良好的公司形象 Set up a good corporate image.

企业形象 Corporate image

Establishing a good company image will provide a solid base for your success.

“宣传公司形象” 翻译为: "Publicize the company's image"

加强企业在员工心中绝对高大形象 英文 Strengthen business English in employee heart absolute tall image

To facilitate customer access and promote company image

promot the company's image

The company has a fine figure in public, people always connect it with high quality products and excellent services. 供参考。

创优质品牌,铸一流企业形象 不断提高服务质量,逐步形成一套优质_有道翻译 翻译结果: A quality brand, first-class corporate image Constantly improve the service quality, and gradually formed a set of high quality

这个公司有着很好的公众形象,人们总是将它的产品与高质量和优质服务联系在一起。 英文:The company has a good public image, and people always associate its products with high quality and good service. 词语解释: company 英 [ˈk...


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