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老师和他们的学生都很兴奋(使用As wEll As翻译句子)

Our teachers as well as students are invited to join the party

你好!他和我一样也是英语老师 He is also a English teacher like me

inspite of teaching at school, she as well as teaches students privately.

Look! There comes a female teacher as well as a group of students

as well as 在这里是,也,和,同样,相当于and的意思 句子的意思是,每个人都被告知了基础教育和经验的重要性.

这里的as well as连接的是并列的结果状语,其作用与and类似,但是比and强烈,有递进强调的含义.

Students as well as their teacher in physics are listening to his speech. 不仅是学生们,还有他们的物理老师在听他的演讲

你的第二句中文有语病,应该是除了..之外,还有其他方式吗?所以不符合as well as适用的场合.应该是Have you got any other way to attract a man except your beautiful body?至于第一句,用except其实更合适.as well as的重点不在于除了

as well as 是个固定短语,可译为包括在内,有时等于and ,有时等于:including.

He as well as his teammate was able to win the championship in the sports meeting held in the school last month though.as well as 在这里需要用就远原则.就远原则就是与as well as 后的代词或名词无关,和他同样语法的还有 together with,ratherthan,like,but,except,besides,with,along ,including 等,句子的主语 要根据语法一致原则,句子的主语是这些词前面的名词或代词.谓语动词和前一个主语保持一致.


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