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valder fields 是这首歌吗? Tamas Wells唱的 如果不是的话对不起了 尽力了 占用了你阅读的时间 抱歉

Craig David《Unbelievable》 这首歌超级好听,个人很喜欢,以前也做过铃声 Anna Abreu 《are you ready》现在的铃声,老板来电时的铃声,哈哈, Natasha Thomas 《pink song》 香水广告歌曲,以前也做过铃声 Daniel Powter 《free loop》车子广...

please don't go 你们听听吧

We about to get up on this thing The times is now What you waiting for It's time for you to get up and show the world what we had in store Some people have to stand in line To get up in this place Time is surely hard Pick up yo...

下面几首是个人非常喜欢的,你可以听听 1.fuckin' perfect -----pink 朋克风格 2.whataya want from me ---pink 朋克风格 3.family portrait ----pink 感动 4.it's not goodbye ---Laura Pausin 伤感 5.back to december----avril lavigne 伤感 6...

Emilia -- Big,big world

tina karol' honey

是李玟的《滴答滴》还是甩葱歌or BOA的WOO WEEKEND ? 有英文词的是 Angela Ammons 的 always getting over you 。

the flame goes out and the thick.

是不是男女合唱的啊?好像是say hello


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