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歌曲名:right here waiting 此情可待 很多人翻唱过的 歌词如下: Ocean apart day after day And I slowly go insane I hear your voice on the line But it doesn't stop the pain If I see you next to never How can we say forever Wherever ...

The Wanted - Glad You Came 这个绝对简单。。真的。。 Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting 旋律好记 Elton John - Rocket Man 旋律好记 enrique iglesias - hero 感人歌曲 michael jackson - we are the world 旋律好记 节奏蓝调的话: Babyfac...

as long as you love me—backstreet boys the saltwater room—owl city beautiful world—westlife 都挺好学的,加油学啊~ 希望能帮到你~

简单好唱 哈哈 那就甲壳虫的hey jude吧 歌词只有那么几句 哈哈

Jason Chen 的Just A Dream Bruno Mars 的Just The Way You Are Darin Zanyar 的Can't Stop Love 这三首都好听,且符合你的要求,学好了,把妹不是问题

哈哈,,Westlife系列。。永不落幕!!他们的歌适合男生唱的实在太多,比如说 基本款:my love , nothing's gonna change my love for you , leaving, swear it again, i lay my love on you, seasons in the sun the rose you raise me up flyi...

right here waiting,绝对经典,而且词好记,调也熟悉、 nothing’s gonna change my love for you。这个也行,有一段循环次数挺多。听原唱吧,西城的也行。

Cry On My Shoulder let her go

right here waiting no matter what as long as you love me 前几首为情歌 better man 哈哈,硬汉歌,我个人很喜欢 还有那首歌应该是take me to you heart那个拼写错了

1.i'm yours 是Jason Mraz唱得。 2.Don't wake me up 是Chris Brown 唱得 3.whistle 是flo rida 唱得 4.payphone 是maroon 5唱得 5.You make me wanna 是 blue 唱得 6.nothing's gonna change my love for you是方大同翻唱的 7.As long as you l...


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