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1.The Great Wall is the longest wall in the world, it has 2,000 years of history, it is one of the wonders of the world. 2.(We will)句子缺少主语,我们假定主语是我们,然后时态是是将来时态stay on the Great Wall ror 2 hours, and leave.at 11 p.m. 3. The

1、The South Pole is very cold. It is the human to the continent. Where the wind is very big. There is no water, only ice.2、They all want to the first to reach the South Pole. In the end, they all died in the Antarctic.

基本都是谚语XD1.Do not look forward to the day you stop suffering because when it comes you know you will be dead生於忧患死於安乐2.a dog starving at his master's gate

1.I want to see you soon.2.Tom liked this photograph.3.I remember my mother and I had met these children before.4.The children with physical disabilities are almost under 13 years old.5.We clean the classroom with water.6.He bought this bike for 356 yuan.7.He looks after his brother a lot.

答案是:My name is(后面写上你的名字),I'm(后面写上你的年龄)years old.I'm a chinse(前面就是你的国籍),I haue no job now(我没有工作),I'm living in PAIRS(我在巴黎生活) .正确的日期8th september mondy

he (has a butterfly) in his stomach.紧张的要命(没有like的都是metaphor)暗喻he was (trapped like a turtle) on its back.有LIKE的都是simile明喻4.There is still (much of the

The temperature will drop to subzero until 8 below tomorrow.

To my opinion改成 In my opinionTravel by plane 改成 Traveling by plane it is too expensive去掉it quite safety 改成quite safe

1. can not; got along with each other well 2.to compete with other fammous world players for ; olympic games 3.was talking with his friends by phone sunddenly 4.can affect ; to fight with 5. becomes more and more confident ; has perfected

1、I can not stand the man, he talks too much 2、My English teacher act as the competition judge 3、The girl with a school bag is the sister of Li Ping 4、The pen belongs to me, please give it back to me 5、The government is setting out many necessary reforms 6、This rose variety is a development of an old variety


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