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急求 大神帮我翻译一段话! 别来翻译器,尽快啊!%>_<%

The following passage would introduce from China's national documentary through analysing problems raised in cultural transmission in it in order to lead to the concept of "cultural discount". This would reveal phenomenon and sources of cultural

This article described the connotation of cultural heritage and led to the importance of Chinese cultural heritage protection. Identifly current problems, understand the importance of protection, give personal advise to slove the problem, and conclude

This section:Based on the deeply analysis of the status messages of the traditional elements in modern commercial society ,finding the difficult between the two points above perspectively and pointing outthe contradiction between the two conflicts.

In this paper, from the eighteen session of the Third Plenary Session of the promulgation of the "CPC Central Committee on the comprehensive reform of certain major issue decision" proposed the collective constructive land market can flow in a

很短但很深! 谷歌翻译能得到一些idea谷歌翻译: "This paper attempts to present an overview of the constitutional basis for the protection of the characteristics of this view leads to the constitution and political rot (错误!)and put

n this paper,through summarizing thecurrentcorruptioncharacteristics,causes and harm ofcorruptionphenomenonperspective,thisstudy on how toachievecertain results andin the real senseto harness the corruption problem,pointed out

The word "television", derived from its Greek (tele: distant) and Latin (visio: sight) roots, can literally be interpreted as sight from a distance. Very simply put, it works in this way: through a sophisticated system of electronics, television provides the

Today, I will be introducing the world's largest sport , football. I love football, because even though the scores will not be as high as basketball after one match,football is a sport where you will not know the result until the last second since a goal shot

I lost a bag in the library of school yesterday .There was a dictionary ,a watch and an Mp4 in it. Whoever takes it ,please call Li Hua in Class 1 Grade 9.

域结果是建立在每个测试条件稳态运行期后获得的.最重要的结果集是 CryoCell 船只温度和处理的燃气蒸气组成 .图 8 中绘制的域结果集获得是为了各种原料的二氧化碳气体组成和固定的船只压共聚物温度.从图 8 可以看到的是CryoFlash 模型的预测与字段数据是非常符合的.用更高的二氧化碳含量测试结果显示, CryoCell 技术可以从自然气体中移除二氧化碳,在选择的 CryoCell 技术第三操作压强下把其含量从60%以上降到40%,从40%降到14%,从21%降到4%,从13%降到3%.辛苦翻译,望采纳



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