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急,英语试题 帮忙解答

His father,as well as all his students,_____ by the dancer’s performance. 1.was impressed 2.had impressed 3.impressed 4.be impressed 选3

答案选B,out come out 出版 come off 举行,成功;表现 come round 苏醒;顺道拜访;改主意,转向 come true 实现,成真;成为现实 那本书什么时候出版?

1 There is always some obstacle in the way, something ______ before we realize the real goal of education. 首先,obstacle是要被越过,所以肯定是被动,A或D,A---to be got through 将要被越过,D---having been got through 现在完成进...

为你解答。 1、A(宾语从句要用陈述语序) 2、B(原因同上) 3、A(原因同上) 4、B(原因同上) 5、B(原因同上) 6、B(why not do sth,为何不做某事,用来提建议) 7、A(sounds great用来表示同意对方的提议) 8、A(all right 也表示同意)


1.Nurses' 2.music 3.address 4.problem 5.copy 6.busy 7.behind 打字不容易,给个好评啊~

C B B 按图片顺序。 哪里不懂欢迎追问,请放心采纳,谢谢

26-30.D B D A C 认真答题,希望能帮上你,祝学习进步。。记得踩我啊

解答 1、turn off 2、by recycling waste 3、aren't allowed to cut down 4、will be punished 5、depend on, to live 6、cost very little, never run out 7、one of the biggest problems 8、does harm to 9、As a result, to use them wisely...


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