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Will have such one day

总会有那么一天.英文翻译:There will always be one day.[例句] Each person's life, there will always be one day, there is a portrait, like the morning sun suddenly shines into your heart.每个人的生命中,总会有那么一天,有一个人像早晨的阳光一样忽然照进你的心房.

Don't know if the day will come 不知道这一天会不会来到意思应该差不多

There will be a day of the会有那么一天的That will come in那天总会来的

我期待着会有那么一天 I have been expecting that day

I believe we will have it some day

if one day或some day

Maybe someday we will have【望采纳】

i believe that you will hold my hand some day.

会不会有那么一天,你的温柔只属于我 Is there a day that your tenderness only belongs to me?


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