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好心人麻烦 翻译下英语 谢谢 万分感谢

I have read your message, however, it is one hour earlier in Thailand than that in China, so we cannot watch this MV until eight o'clock. We can't wait to watch it, for it has been waited for such a long time. Recently, I have watched your teleplays again

我醒来冷和出汗 已经早上了吗? 我讨厌太阳为设置在昨天 当我写我的感情在墙壁和天花板上 像药物一样我交易和你走开了 树的摇摆和摇摆 风和我都是歌唱……. 我给你的一切,我不得不放弃 不就够了吗? 所有那些有前途的许诺都是在你的嘴唇 但你不会放弃它们 我只说备案 你可以借我的演讲 导致自从我遇见你我一直单身

Because I went to bed early last night, I didn't see the message. What a pity I missed the chance to interact with you. But I replied almost every message you sent to me. You are my positive energy. I like your songs and teleplays very much. Looking forward to your new songs.

Since has entered period of time, the Renminbi rises unceasingly to US dollar exchange rate, the people revalue unceasingly. But facing internationally other strong currency, besides US dollar, the Renminbi exchange rate basically maintains the

(从6:59开始)No helium at all. However, by pop up one buble (Children: WOW~), it goes right up. 里面完全没有氦气.但是,通过切断一个泡泡(孩子们:哇~~),它就飘起来了And it gives it up to do XXX(这段听不清楚)Don't forget to make

This paper is the process by teaching middle school students appear backward analysis of the problems encountered, and with less advanced students to learn the

Pls be noted that my cousin has received my application documents today ,in case of the it`s lost,she requests her friend zhen peng whose chinese name is Penzheng to hand over the material to Adepphi.i also attached her E-mail address in this letter,pls check.

I have read your message, but the time difference between Thailand and China is a hour, and we cannot watch this MV until 8 p. m. we hope that the evening arrives soon,

The world recognized as aging population is one of the social problems of dense population, under the background of the aging problem in China, particularly serious. Social transformation and family structure, and the miniaturization of the

dear ms. mali. i have already asked ms.mali , but she said you have to sign it first. if you are inconvenient at the time, you can authorize others to sign it. i have also asked ms. bitch, and have already done my work, the hand-over is almost finished, so just want to know if you can sign it or not.best wishes. fute



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