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1.Although heard of2.time3.doing first4.对不起,我不会5.whispering with6.is formed by7.soft light comfortable8.endorse oppose

1:把饺子皮摊在掌心,如果皮太干的话就不好捏,所以你可以蘸点水在边缘.( Stuffed dumpling Pi Tan in palm, if the peel too dry speech not good pinches, therefore you may dip a water in the edge. )2:把陷放在中间,还可以先把中间捏上,再

1 medium build your history teacher.2 canadian pen pal you what kind of long?3 our english teacher told us to remember every day operations.4 he does not look good that the han long.5 of my favorite musicians of medium build, with big eyes.6 who

1. the great wall is the longest wall in the world. it has a history of two thousand years and one of the wonders of the world. 2. stay on the great wall for 2 hours and leave at 11. 3. the tourist bus will wait at the entrance. remember the bus number and

First of all,boil the water.Secondly ,pour dumplings into the pot.Wait for 10 minutes.Then take them out .Finally ,add some sauce and vinegar on the dumplings ~

. Together with his brother on sister 2. Home and eat with people very tasty dish farm 3. To see that many poultry 4. Neighbourhood others warm 5. To be the end of the summer, I returned to the home, I feel that in the days very happy home

1 Both my parents and I all agree with this idea 2 Both Tom and his sister are both good at English 3 I sit down between Lily and Leilei 4His father makes a living by selling vegetables 5We are against building another park in the city

1. how to are we students save energy in the family ?2. I think we should protect the environment, because it is very important to each of us.3. As a middle school student, at home, we should save water.4. We should save electricity, turn off the lights

没有用翻译工具,我自己造的! 1. I want some water. /i want to drink some water. 2. I want to buy a bottle of water. / I would like to buy a bottle of water. / I am looking for a bottle of water. 3.I want you to buy me two bottles of water. / I want to ask you

1.You like Summer,but as for me,I prefer Winter.2.He want to take up photography when he grows up.3.It occured to him suddenly that he took the wrong car.4.She devoted the whole life to the education.5.If you have made a plan,you should stick to it.


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