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My winter vacation plan: in this short period of one month, I will carefully write the homework assigned by the teacher ...

If one day I lose the sense of sight, who will be the one that see what the world is like for me?

Welcome to your come, and we have waited for you for a long time.

老太太如今已经八十岁了。她穿上了自己最好的衣服。迈拉可能会来。不管怎么说,八十大寿毕竟非同一般,你又活了十年,或者说又熬过了十年,是活是熬,全在于你怎么看了。 即便迈拉不来了,她也会寄一份礼物来。老太太确信这一点。脸颊上的两片红晕...

Thank you,my dear.I am very moved.I really appreciate for your companion.

I'll appreciate it very much if you could help me(或lend me a hand). it作形式宾语,指代“你帮我”这件事


为什么说大学生活是人生中的重要部分 高中时,我们就渴望进入大学。如今,梦想实现了。但是我们大学生是如何对待大学生活的呢? 当然,有些人享受它,发现它是多彩并且受益匪浅的。除了学习以外,他们分配很多时间来充实自己各个方面。其他人没...

Three years' study in international business enables me to have a solid foundation in speciality. My knowledge of garments and textile industry was basically formed through the one-year part-time job in Eric Outdoor Supplies Co...

你好! 老师您辛苦了,感谢您这么多年来的幸苦教育 Thank you for your hard work, thank you for your hard education over the years


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