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My winter vacation plan: in this short period of one month, I will carefully write the homework assigned by the teacher ...

it reappears the scene of that time.

If one day I lose the sense of sight, who will be the one that see what the world is like for me?

Welcome to your come, and we have waited for you for a long time.

拔苗助长 一首歌,那些认为自己的作物生长缓慢,它会夸大一棵棵秧苗。他累了,回到家里,他的家人说:“今天,累了,我帮助庄稼长高了1他说,匆忙地看他的儿子,幼苗枯萎了。 无视环境的变化 一个楚国乘船过河,他的剑从船上掉进了水里。他赶紧...


(Legend, witches families)接二级308108244回答 In 13 years old this year, the moon night from his life place, to strange place for a year of life to prove his ability.

你好! 老师您辛苦了,感谢您这么多年来的幸苦教育 Thank you for your hard work, thank you for your hard education over the years

Thank you,my dear.I am very moved.I really appreciate for your companion.


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