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读首富王建林的一天有感. 作文

“仁者”无敌">人物作文素材:王健林:首富魅力 “仁者”无敌德化作文网 王健林:首富魅力 “仁者”无敌 :林夕青心 万达集团董事长王健林曾说:“富豪榜就是杀猪榜,我可不想上。”虽然一百个不情愿,但这位“隐形富豪”每年却难以避免“被排行”。8月19日,...

My mother always complains about my father. She said he was lazy and spent less time to stay with me. Actually, in my eyes, my father is a qualified father. Though he is busy all the time, he never misses my activities at schoo...


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