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十大悲歌 1.The Verve乐队《The Drugs Don't Work》 2.罗比威廉斯《Angels》 3.埃尔顿约翰《Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word》 4.惠特妮休斯敦《I Will Always Love You》 5.辛妮德欧康纳《Nothing Compares 2U》 6.威尔杨《Leave Right Now》 7.猫王《Are You Lonesome Tonight》 8.克里斯蒂娜阿奎莱拉《Beautiful》 9.詹姆士布伦特《Goodbye My Lover》 10.收音头乐队《Fake Plastic Trees》

1 - 每一首简单的歌曲背后都有一个感人的故事,它也许只是一份平凡的感情,或者一段刻骨的记忆,这些都是作者无限音乐灵感的源泉.一段段感人的故事就这样随着一首首动人的旋律,感染了无数的人们……Tears in heavenEric Clapton1991年

foolish games--jewel(强烈推介)a perfect indian--sinead o'connor(强烈推介)enter from the east (lp version)--jewelo holy night)--jewel(强烈推介)silent night--jewelmy all--mariah carey come home--one republic we are one--kelly sweetburning--maria arredondo just one last dance--sarah connor

《dying in the sun》,《because of you》,《hero》,《born to try》,《when you believe》,《journey》,《everytime》,《I will always love you》,《memory》,《only time》,《may it be》 moonlight shadowcountry road take me homemiss youi will

Tell Me WhyDECLAN GALBRAITH 很悲伤,不过很好听, 可以去听听看~

黑色星期天 big big world yesterday/let it be always look on the brigth side of life tears rosas tell me why other side of the world stan she will be loved vincent god is a girl moonlight shadow she i wanna love you in the end million tears razorlight 来我空间-歌曲欣赏-

1.staytonya mitchell(这首歌,我只能是说,听是你的损失) 2.its not goodbye_________laura pausini(不知道为什麽这首歌是怎么听都听不厌啊,听著听著,思绪飘得很远.悲伤啊) 3.never had a dream come true________s club7

30 minutes -T.A.T.U 女同性恋唱的..不要歧视..歌很悲伤 很好听 7 years and 50 days - Groove coverage 你听真不知道会不会感到悲伤.. 想情人啦 far away from home- Groove coverage 不知道满意吗.. season in the sun -westlife 据说写

love to be loved by youopologizesad it all---take thatwhat about now--westlifesoledad--westlifesorry--jonas brotherseveryting but the girl--darin zanyeronly love --trademarkcry on my shouldertime to grow--lamergotta go my own way--high school musical

推荐几首我常听的,有英文也有动漫里的,还有纯音乐.都是很忧伤的歌. 英文的有 <Prayer> - Secret Garden <A Perfect Indian> - Sinead O'Connor <Dying in the sun> - The Cranberries <Eversleeping> - Xandria <Forever> - Stratovarius <May


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