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这句的意思是:对联合国来说,更为严重、更为重要,也损害更大的是:这项决议仍是一纸空文。 前面那三个

"不要让世界左右你的情绪,不要让情绪左右你的理性." "Don

你好这位朋友,知道英语牛人团为你权威翻译: My family is my (ultimate

We made a survey in the students to know what kind

以下绝属个人精华,请看完再决定是否采纳哈: Hello,my name is ××× studyi

Nowadays, there are more and more students playing

  We are colleagues as well as good friends. So it

That is not dead which can eternal lie,and with st

让自己在这个世上不停地尝试不同角色才是人生一大成就! 拉尔夫沃尔多爱默生 (声明一下 y

Music roots in nature. It comes from the innermost


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