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只有她在一直一直的等待,从来没有放弃过. And only she is waiting for him all time being,never gives up,I didn't care all that things原创翻译,好悲伤,only she can give him condonement! I'm so regretful,so obstinate and why I refused to look

可否请你借我的钢笔? 要求提供信息或帮助是非常常见的和必要的行动,特别是当我们访问的外国国家.所以明知锄头,要求详细信息礼貌是很重要的.英文, “那里是restrooom ? ”和“请你告诉我在哪里在restrooom是谁? “类似的要求,

我的家庭 我有着一个幸福的家庭,我家一共有三口人:爱看书的爸爸、爱劳动的妈妈和淘气的我.爸爸是一名医生,今年32岁了,幽默风趣;妈妈是一名公务员,今年30岁了,和蔼可亲.我们常常一起同看一本书,一起玩耍、嬉戏.相处


We live in an age of electronic commerce, as long as just one click with the mouse, you can instantly realize the billions of dollars of intercontinental trade. With globalization, the emergence of the market, and new communication technology to


描述一种食物 I know something about apple.I like apple very much,because first it is third,it is said that apple is very good for your health.There is a proverb said ' one

Drugs are addictive and dangerous,so everyone should fight against drug.First,drugs are illegal.Buying or selling drugs,having drugsthese are all against the law.Breaking


Loneliness is a kind of attitude of life, is a kind of attitude. Free life is lonely, when you are free, it means that you loneliness comes, we can choose not lonely. Life is often not the melody, the individual will survive in the gain and loss, we should meet


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