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我将全力以赴我的每一份工作,充分利用我的智慧和人格魅力,以积极乐观的心态来迎战每一刻,每天进步一点点,在2013年前赢得500万资本,要做就做最棒的!I will try my best to fufil each duty I have to do,fully explor

1.on the contrary,it's polite to shake hands when people meet , 2.these tourists weren't allowed to enter the zoo until two o'clock 3.in fact ,we spent lots of time finding out the way to solve the problems 4.to tell the truth,he is an american spy 5.i actually stared at him for a long time. 手工翻译,尊重劳动,欢迎提问,感谢采纳!

I have heard in the distance under the bridge there is a scream, then followed a few people to go see what happened. It turns out there is a woman who can not swim in the water are struggling, but unfortunately everyone around us can not swim. At

男也好,女也好,我只知道我爱你.---电影《金枝玉叶》I only know I love you whether as a man or as a woman.“我爱一个人,而这个人恰好是男人.”--张国荣I love a person,who happens to be a man.爱是一个人的事情

To be a sales clerk, I must be responsible for all customers and share in my own learning experience with them. Therefore, my customer won't feel that I just do selling , but help them intently and frankly.

1, I need a common language and foreign exchange, with the world.2, those days of my life is full of darkness, I do not know how to face their own. When I was at a loss when I heard this song.3, this is one of my stories, through this, I look at themselves.

1.I think I have turned off the gas,but I'd best to make sure of it. 2.Have you made sure of the meeting time? 3.Parents need to make sure their children have the chance to get education. 4.Make sure to hand in the homework on time. 1.so that we all respect her 2.so that we can follow him 3.so energetic that

His name is XX. He and I from high school in a class. Unfortunately, we did not in adormitory. Now he and I are in a class a dormitory. Close to his home from the school. He and I have a good time. Wish I could have been very good relationship with

你好,原文The focus of the party was the planting of a single tree, the first of 20 million to be planted in 40 californian cities over the next decades.译文聚会的焦点在于种植树木,首批2000万株将在未来的十年被种植在加利福尼亚40余座城市里.希望有帮到你,望采纳!谢谢!


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