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“你应该与他们交谈”:You should talk with them.“你可以询问他们原因”:You can ask them the reason.“你可以想想自己什么地方做错了”:You can think of what you did wrong.

1. There is a book on the table.2. There are three pencil under the table.3. I have a good teacher.4. He has a computer.5. This is my schoolbag.6. This bag is mine.7. It was my mother.8. He told her to buy books.9. The issue is simple.10. Those dogs are happy.

1. Evil acts are suppose to get punished.2. Now that the classroom is so messy, I feel like we should clean it up.3. I just saw a scary thunder, followed by some loud noises.4. I slept really late yesterday night, because I can't wait to know the result of the

I don't mind that you decorate the room with bright colors. I am sorry to keep you wait for such a long time in Christmas Eve. What you do is more important than what your say. I feel that it is necessary for us to have a week to speng the National Day.

1,我正在照料附近工厂的一位工人.(take care of). i am taking care of a worker of nearby factory. 2,不管天气多冷或多热,我都每天坚持练习.(no matter how ) no matter how cold or hot the weather is,i keep practising every day. 3,虽然分别了


1 Thank you for inviting me to join in your birthday party, I had a good time2 Miss Wang likes in the park photo3 The end of the street, you can find the post office4 Students who take the subway back

我只知道第二句,are you with mama go(现在进行时加ing) the supermarket

1.The moment sighting a snake,sight本身就可以作动词,表示看见、观测等意思2.Only be taken exactly as instructed,will the medicine work well.这句考察的是当only放句首时产生的部分倒装现象,同时,由于后办句表

1:在这条河里游泳很危险.It's dangerous to swim in this river.2:放学打篮球,很有意思.It's interesting to play basketball after school.3:现在已经不可能抓住小偷了.It's impossible to catch the thief now.4:


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