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ao应该是go吧 The应该改为Then吧 翻译:去上班,付账单,跟朋友出去玩,周而复始的这样.然后我有了孩子,一切就改变了.虽然仍然要工作,付账单,但是我不能再和朋友出去玩了.这个句子要表达的意思是我没有孩子之前,整天的生活就是工作,付账单和跟朋友出去玩.但是有了孩子以后,我还要工作,付账单,但是没了朋友这一项.go out of the window 的意思是被抛弃,消失.所以这里根据句子意思要填friendsthe research may touch upon the question beyond science.翻译:这个研究可能会涉及科学以外的领域.

1.to celebrate New Year's Day2.Why gifts Because christmas Day3.Who wears special4.Is there7.many things to do8.After lunch chat with under the tree9.number of with his parenets10.go to museum because closes on Tuesday(每个字一个空格)

1 At a critical moment, we should be able to face all the difficulties2 On the issues to consider, they turn its attention to other things up3 To spray paint on the table4 To spray paint on the table that we should allow children access to new ideas.5 We

一、大量的生活污水污染了水资源,----- A great mass of domestic sewage has polluted the water resources二、我们可以将水资源储存起来,-----We can store the water resources.三、我认为保护水资源有三个方法,----- I think there are three ways to store the water resources四、我认为缺水的原因有两点.----- I think there are two facts that result in the lack of water / the water shortage

1.This nursery rhyme will give kids more than you think deeply impressed2.If you do not have Internet, so much changes in the way people Exchange does not3.Prior to the sale of this new type of engine must be tested4. You hadn't leaked the secret,


What is dream? Dream is one that bears in our own heart, and my dream is to be an excellent designer leading my team to produce fantastic advertising films to exert great power in the media industry .

1、实际上,我在其中起了关键作用.play the leading role in sth.句子成分是:in fact是副词其修饰作用,I是主语.2、每个人都会犯错,且我们从错误中吸取经验.

1 Thank you for inviting me to join in your birthday party, I had a good time2 Miss Wang likes in the park photo3 The end of the street, you can find the post office4 Students who take the subway back

1.我一定要感谢那些在我处境艰难时支持我的所有人(stick by) I am obliged to thank all those who sticked by my side when I was in such a difficult situation.2.这是一次重要的会议,请务必不要迟到.(see to it that) Please see to it that don't ever


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