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2004. Do you think students should do to improve our environment. Most of the cities in China to the extensive use of the Internet and mobile phones, so keep the environment clean is everyone's responsibility. 26.慢議蕗咄掲械單胆,厘断脅瓜簾哈

1.I would imagine that I described in the city.2.In my the mood, I would like in the future, we will build in space, many of the strange shape of the orbit, we can take into accoun

胆挫議匯爺喇賠蛙議裏丶侭婢蝕 One happy day launches by early morning's smile癖輝議俚連辛參逸廁産盾僥楼儿薦 Suitable rests can help release school stress泌惚低心欺宸訳玉佚,旗燕低湖鞭欺阻厘斤低議購伉If you see this message, it

meet etiquette1.bow bow department. in the higher or lower peer between formality. and when, as the right hand (be held with his hat in hand before) the cap of the central committee will take off. right after the body is, to stand at attention, eyes,

1. This story made him realize that one's future is in our hands, what others think that is not important. (lie in2. This is your own fault, not will work the failure on others. (blame.)3. The boss says up to you to decide to it or not. (up to)

厘垳吭壓艇溝鏡涙廁扮諸諸啜宇彭艇:I am willing when you are lonely no use embrace tightly you厘垳吭壓艇丑彬扮稜孤艇議節邦:I am willing when you are sad the lips do your tears

please speak chinese in china . don't think you are foreigner you can speak foreign language.

1)I\'ve never ever forgotten2)toadstool3)No one knows what will happen in the future4)A start of a comedy is a countdown of a tragedy1)暴つは匯業械に梨れていた2)嗤墾なきのこ3)その朔いかにできたか、だれも岑らない4)浪丞の蝕兵は丑丞の昼みである

嗤繁俊棋低宅? Are you being served(helped)? 乏宴諒匯和,低辺欺椎撃佚阻宅? By the way,have you received the letter? 低葎焚担音箔廁? Why didn't you ask for help? 厘断杜李壅肝需欺低. We are looking forward to seeing you again.



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