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class meeting 班会;级会 例句 They held a class meet

中国特色的:可译为a class meeting 她说她们班下周一将要上一节班会课。 She s

class meetings with a special theme 例:有的做贺卡、开主题班会;

班会 [词典] (of pupils or students) classwide

班会的英文单词:class meeting。 重点词汇: 1、class 英 [kl:s] 美

class meeting 英[kl:s ˈmi:tiŋ

class meeting 英[kl:s ˈmi:tiŋ

This is the result (that /which )we got from the d

hold a class meeting 求采纳

They are holding a class meeting to discuss someth


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