www.fltk.net > 把这句话翻译成英语,不要在线翻译谢谢。 先离开的人没有想过给自己留一条回头的路。

把这句话翻译成英语,不要在线翻译谢谢。 先离开的人没有想过给自己留一条回头的路。

先离开的人没有想过给自己留一条回头的路.The people who leave first never wanted to leave a way to go back.The people who leave first never thought to give yourself a way back.

no one can shake my feelings and firm, he in my heart is like a mountainIf you want to use words to express his importance to me.望采纳 记得给问豆啊!

When a person has seen the truth clearly, then he will not only pessimistic,but is not optimistic, just await.希望采纳哦!

can you stay?

1.I have a dream, I'll be born for death2.I know everyone have their own understanding of the life, but whenever I think life, but I feel lonely.

你好!Have bright eyes because my heart is bright, several mountains between can't cover it.仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

你好!你要诗意啊,只有意译了.One thinking avout me tells me about my sorrow, while one who not learns about me asks me what I want

楼主你好!我来为你翻译并解释一下:真的非常爱一个人就不要去得到她 只有这样 你才永远不会失去她.Never try to possess her if you really love her,Only in this way you will never lose her. 解析:() possess 及物动词 vt. 拥有;占有 例如

I can't let go of you, please don't leave me. Please.

i like to think independently ,and i am good at learning something in and from my job, which makes me be able to deal with practical problems effectively ,however, it sometimes leads to discontinuity of the structure of ability .. In the face of difficulties,



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