www.fltk.net > “我有一些重要的事要告诉你”。这样一句用英语怎么翻译?


I have something important to tell you.(我有一些重要的事要告

I have some important thing to tell you.

Dear editor, I am very glad to write to you, I hav

I have something very important to tell you.

I haven't got anything important to tell you.

看这是在什么情况下用了,楼上的那些答案都不错。 没关系可以用: Don't worry a

sorry,i do not know what happened on you just now.

I have something important to tell you.

Let me tell you something about Liu Qian

forget to do,忘记还没做的事情 forget doing忘记已经做过的事情 所以


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