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让我看一下 [网络]Let me see one; [例句]请让我看一下你的飞机票、护照和健康证

我看一下 网络 I look at the 劳驾帮我看一下行李。 Will you plea

请给我看一下照片: Please show me the photos

请帮我看一下 Please take a look at me 英 [ə lu

The AC power adapter wattage and type cannot be de

Please look over the menu 看菜单不是专注地看,是翻阅浏览,应该用look

Hello, come amd have a look at the Lenovo computer

请进来看看,里边还有许多款式 Please come in and see, there are

Excuse me,may I have look at the room?

泰戈尔名句啊 The career of fruit is respectable ; the c


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