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^及屈噴匯爺 ̄喘哂囂奕担傍

the twenty-first 及 屈噴匯

the 21st day 會方簡念中勣紗協酵簡the.

貫及屈噴匯欺及眉噴議哂囂鍬咎葎:twenty-first twenty-second twenty-third twenty-fourth twenty-fifth twenty-sixth twenty-seventh twenty-eighth twenty-ninth thirtieth

Waiting for you on the first days.1st(吉低議及匯爺)Waiting for you on the second days.2nd(吉低議及屈爺)Waiting for you on the third days.3rd(吉低議及眉爺)Waiting for you on the fourth days.4th(吉低議及膨爺)

21議哂猟:twenty-one. 嶷泣簡祉: twenty哂 [twenti] 胆 [twnti, twn-] n.屈噴,屈噴倖;屈噴謹槙;屈噴定旗;俯謹,寄楚 num.屈噴.adj.屈噴議. one哂 [wn] 胆 [wn] num.匯倖;(方忖)匯;(児方)匯,及匯. twenty-one議喘

21days consists of my winter vacation 頁辛參宸担亟議,徽宥械音宸担燕器,宸劔湖状講講議,厘議混邪頁喇21爺更撹議?扮寂兆簡恂麼囂扮,涙胎汽鹸方,僚囂脅哘乎喘汽方填!俳芝~~~~~There are 21 days in the winter vacation.

A one dollar bill on the wall of public signs in the 21st days after school May 11In my sister's birthday party on the three English classes before the red phone to collect car modelsGive him a gift

ついたち宸倖廷隈叙湲斷燦埖議及匯爺,1埖1晩祥廷撹^いちがつついたち ̄ 寔屎議匯爺議廷隈,頁朔中議いちにち *音狛勣廣吭,耽倖埖議及匯爺廷隈埋隼頁ついたち,音狛耽倖埖議及噴匯爺、及屈噴匯爺祥勣廷撹噴匯晩仝じゅういちにち々、屈噴匯晩仝にじゅういちにち々阻

及匯爺:THE NEWSPAPER 烏 崕 Nowadays the newspaper possesses considerable value Everybody should read it. It supplies us with a variety of news every day. It tells us the political situation of the world. If we form the habit of reading


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